Work is Play & Play is Work for a toddler until the change of teeth.This is the motto of our kindergarten.It is through Free Play, a child learns social skills, motor and speech skills, and understands himself in relationship with the world. In his inner life, the child's will becomes strengthened. The other important element is Rhythm. The breathing in and breathing out rhythm practised here is very nourishing and healing for every child.

Grade School

For a child between change of teeth and puberty, the focus shifts to nurturing the life of feeling, achieved through the Loving Authority of the teacher. The curriculum follows a 3-fold teaching approach that nurtures the whole human being. Joy in learning through intense artistic activities like Knitting, Painting, Gardening, Music, Movement, Speech & Drama are the backwaters in which the curriculum boats can sail.


Walking, Talking and Thinking are the 3 spiritual milestones in the first 3 years of every human being. A delay or disturbance in these fundamental milestones brings us to the field of Curative education. What is the mystery we are trying to solve, every passing moment, of our children who have come to us from the spiritual world. It is our life's mission, as curative educators to unravel the mission of our children in need of soul care.

Grade School Admission

Admission for grade school at Kingdom of Childhood is open for the academic year 2018-2019.
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Intensive STEINER Education Seminar

Intensive STEINER Education foundation course starting this August for Parents, Prospective Teachers and Steiner Seekers
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